Care Tattoo

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The tattoo must be maintained and nurtured in the period of healing, which lasts from six to ten days. The procedure is simple and has to be observed. Fostering a new tattoo can prevent health problems and to provide quality care. Here’s what to do:
Nylon or sterile gauze is removed after 1-2 hours, dispose of and immediately wash your tattoo. There will be maybe a little color, blood, lymph, and vaseline, do not be alarmed this is normal, you only need to wash everything. The tattoo is washed with cold or lukewarm water and soap. The first is to moisten indirect means do not put shower directly, but let the shower spray weaker apon tattoos so that the water cascades over it. With hands make a good soap opera and the entire surface of the palm in a circular motion several times go over it, then wash soap. Repeat this until the hand does not feel clean skin. Everything that was slimy need to be washed and removed from picture by washing but not by force but gently. After washing, tattoo needs to dry. It can be wiped with a clean towel, do not rub but gently tap in and pick up water. Wait a minute, and spread a thin layer of cream. Do not apply ointment directly from the tube, but the squeeze of on the finger and then gently rub it, because you can damage the image with sharp edges of the tube. After pouring area should only be the shining light, it means not to be covered with medical cream, too much cream can adversely affect the quality of color. Make sure that you put medical cream frequently in the thinner layer.
We recommend you to use panthenol cream.
The principle of applying and cleaning is easy and need to be practiced in the first seven days. The tattoo is embellishing with the reasons to prevent crust formation during the healing and to keep the skin moist and elastic. With regular applying of cream in a thin layer you will prevent tattoos to dry, and soon to make a crust. In this case the crust can occur only from the excess cream that the skin cannot absorb and therefore we must regularly monitor and to remove the excess cream. In this regular maintenance scab will look like the skin that peels off when you burn in the sun. Scab may not be mechanically removed but let it peel itself. Do not overdo it with the washing and anointing, then wash in the morning when you wake up and bedtime a lubricating 4-5 times a day. Washing too often can dry out the skin further.
After pouring do not put nylon, but dress cotton clean clothes. If you have greased too thick layer of cream clothing will be glued to the picture. Cloakroom in addition to being beautiful, it also absorbs the extra cream and dry tattooed place and in this case to deal with them, bring cream with you for grease lubrication. If the dressing sticks to picture and dry out and do not separate it mechanically but wet clothes and gently remove it from the image. After this period of seven days, continue with the anointing of tattoos, but now you can use other products, such as body milk or vitamin body cream and hand. Whenever you remember spread a thin layer of skin to soak for a few minutes, thus helping the skin to regenerate faster and better because the -tattoos continues to heal within 5-6 weeks. . In this period you should also avoid sunbathing and solarium as this can seriously and permanently affect the image quality. Let’s get back to those first 7 days of maintenance. During this period there is a lot of restrictions that you must follow and these are:

1.It is forbidden to swim in the sea, rivers, pools, etc,

2.It is forbidden to sunbathing, solarium, sauna, Jacuzzi, lying in the bath and so on,

3.It is forbidden to excessive sweating, training, etc…

4.It is forbidden to exposure to dust and coverage with unclean clothes,

5.It is forbidden to clean tattoos with alcohol and/or similar preparations,

6.It is forbidden to scuttle the violent removal of crusting and scratching in that area,

7.It is forbidden to coverage by gauze, bandages and nylon, the tattoo has to breathe!

8.Make sure you do not pass through the tattoos from a strong rubber band clothes and clothes or tight clothing such as socks or similar,

9.Avoid blows to that area!

10.Do not listen to advices of people who are not expert in this area !!!