Tattoo & Piercing Studio “SNIPER” provides the right design solutions to all of you who are willing to beautify your body with tattoo and piercing. Studio follows global trends and methods with the usage of the best tattoo and cosmetic products as well as equipment manufacturers. Studio “Sniper” has a great selection of black and white and color motifs (patterns) for the tattoo, the various tribal, and jewelry for piercings. Medical staff who are always there are in charge for tattoos and piercings and are also responsible for the sterilization of instruments and expert advice relating to the maintenance of tattoos and piercings.
Zoran Stanojevic, is born on 29th of January 1981. in Spa Vrnjacka Banja, he finished elementary school in Novo Selo, civil engineering high school in Trstenik, then a military school in 2001 in Pozarevac, after which he became commander in Serbian Army and received a service in Krusevac, where he served as commander of the reconnaissance-sabotage units. Since June of 2010. Zoran Stanojevic is working in CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING NCOs in Pancevo, a senior instructor for the training of future leaders.
He is a great admirer of art with drawing talent. He is president of the Association of enthusiasts of tattoos and piercings in Krusevac. Talent to draw and tattoo inherited from his father Milutin Stanojevic – Chop, which thanks to his talent is considered one of the best painters in Spa Vrnjcka Banja and beyond. With tattooing, his father began to deal with in the 1972nd at that time, many tough guys from the street, as well as boxers have their tattoos done by him. According to Chop, rights and the greatest art is tattoo, because according to his words, the work on the body does not allow any mistakes.
Zoran Stanojevic is continuing the footsteps of his father. In 1999. he had first real steps in tattooing, and in 2006. he began to draw up professionally, all temporary and permanent tattoos. The first tattoos were done on his father, then friends, colleagues, and today he is doing tattoos to people from all over Serbia and beyond.

– permanent tattoos
– temporary tattoos
– scars-coverage with tattoo
– tattoos modifications
– permanent makeup (eyebrows amplification, delineation of the eyes, lips sketching, drawing moles)
– training